Personalised Women's Rumours Necklace


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Our handcrafted Personalised Womens Rumours Pendant is perfect for messages that you don't want everyone to read!

Your personal message is handstamped onto a continuous wrap of silver and as you turn it in your fingers, your message appears and disappears.

You can choose your own message, song lyrics, location co-ordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds - anything you like, using letters, numbers and spaces up to 45 characters long.

Your message is hand stamped into the silver before the spiral is formed and, as a result, if you use over 32 letters some may be hidden. If you don't want any of the personalisation to be hidden please only use up to 32 letters split into three sections of (maximum) 12 letters/8 letters/12 letters.

The women's version is wrapped 3 times into a small never ending spiral, and the men's version is wrapped twice into a larger never ending spiral. Both versions offer the same amount of personalisation.

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