On This Day Eternal Ring


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Engraved with the words that fell from your own lips, our On This Day Eternal Ring forever signifies a deep and true love. Crafted with skill and care in our Biggleswade, Bedfordshire workshop, this exquisite piece of jewellery is lovingly crafted by one of our skillful silversmiths. Honing years of experience, our trusted hands can bring to life the love you both share. Once in your hands, this silver band ring will take your breath away - with each individual letter deeply engraved, as permanent as their place in your heart. Around the outside, the ring can be engraved with letters, symbols and numbers. Detail the two names that have become one, pinpoint a date that will stay in your heart forever or capture the one word that brings back all those feelings.

Characters will engraved in upper case (A-Z) (0-9). We can also add symbols ( & ♥ ★ hearts, stars, etc) We will use the font shown in the images.

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