Our Promise

When you buy a handcrafted piece of personalised jewellery from Morgan and French, you’re buying more than just a piece of silver. For the hours that we spend making your jewellery, you own our hands, our eyes and our hearts.

You own the hundreds of hours of working late into the night, and weekends spent experimenting with new ideas. You’ll own the months of frustration – and also the moments of pure joy. You’re not buying a piece of handmade jewellery; you’re buying a piece of our heart, an insight into our souls, a small piece of someone else’s life commitment. For the time we are making your jewellery, we belong to you.

Only The Best Will Do

We’re incredibly proud that our commitment to exceptional quality and attention to detail has lead the way to become highly renowned. Each piece must pass rigorous quality tests before it leaves our workbench and we insist on a quality that we’d be proud to wear ourselves.

Original & Authentic

The story behind each piece we create is what keeps our passion alive, but sentiment alone is not enough. It's only right that you demand high standards and an item of jewellery that you’re proud to wear. This means that fingerprints, handprint or footprints, or a child's drawings must be faithfully recreated with as much detail as possible. Our dedication, precision and commitment to quality remain unrivalled. That makes us exceptionally chuffed.