Permanent Welded Bracelets

Did you know our Stamford store has a permanent welded bracelet bar? You can make a booking online today for a single, couples or group session, where you can create your own beautiful permanent bracelet or anklet that we will weld on your wrist or ankle. Additionally, we now offer the flexibility of accepting walk-ins, depending on availability, for those who prefer to visit us spontaneously. Everybody is talking about permanent bracelets and permanent anklets right now, making them the hottest jewellery trend, and we can see why!

You can think of a permanent bracelet or permanent anklet as the modern-day friendship bracelet - once bonded and always with you - but with a glamorous twist, welded bracelets are made from gold and silver and in our case, elegant charms too.

Choose from our 9ct yellow gold, rose gold and 925 sterling silver belcher bracelets and our variety of charms.

Our permanent welded bracelets and anklets are perfect for celebrating a special occasion with your BFF, with your boyfriend or girlfriend for matching a couples bracelet, an experience for a Mother and Daughter to share, as a bridal/bridesmaid gift, or even just as a present to yourself or a loved one.

How it works

Step 1: Choose your chain
Step 2: Choose your charms
Step 3: Get measured
Step 4: Become bonded!
Step 5: Treasure forever

 If you're new to permanent jewellery or have some questions, view our Permanent Welded Jewellery Frequently Asked Questions.

9ct Gold

1.2mm Belcher Chain Bracelet £100, Anklet £150
1.6mm Belcher Chain Bracelet  £120, Anklet £180
2.3mm Belcher Chain Bracelet £160, Anklet £240
3mm Belcher Chain Bracelet £340, Anklet £510

9ct Rose Gold

1.6mm Trace Chain Bracelet £140, Anklet £210

Sterling Silver

1.4mm Oval Belcher Chain Bracelet £60, Anklet £75
2.3mm Oval Belcher Chain Bracelet £70, Anklet £85

Gold Connectors & Charms

Cubic Zirconia Connector £40
White Topaz Connector £30
Alphabet Charm £35
Peridot Charm £45
Turquoise Oval Connector £40

Rose Gold Connectors & Charms

Cubic Zirconia Connector £40

Sterling Silver Connectors & Charms

Cubic Zirconia Connector £30
Alphabet Charm £25
Black Cubic Zirconia Connector £25
Cubic Zirconia Circle Connector £40

Visit Us:

Join us at Morgan and French in The Little Workshop, 9a St George's Square, Stamford, PE9 2BN, for your permanent jewellery needs. Our doors are open from 10am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday, with a pause for lunch. Please note, we are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Walk-Ins Welcome!

Subject to availability, we happily accommodate walk-ins. Visit us for your unique, welded jewellery experience.