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Childrens Drawing Jewellery

Is there anything more precious than a child's drawing? Our Little Picassos collection is jewellery made from children's drawings, turning their artwork into silver.  The lovably wonky drawing of mummy or daddy, a sketch of a pet or something that tugs on the heartstrings – the Little Picasso’s collection means that you can wear your little one’s masterpieces rather than resigning them to a life of being stuck on the fridge.

Little Picassos are created in high quality sterling silver, crafted in our studio in Bedfordshire by our team of talented silversmiths. They create totally unique charms which can be added to bracelets and necklaces for a piece of jewellery which is truly one of a kind and will be treasured long after your little Picasso is grown.

Simply upload your drawing or post it to the Studio and we’ll design your charm to complement the shape of the art that you send. The perfect way to celebrate their creative side, a Little Picasso necklace or bracelet makes a wonderfully thoughtful birthday or Christmas gift for parents and grandparents.