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Our famous Fingerprint Jewellery collection put us on the map! One of the first companies to create jewellery which can be personalised with a faithful reproduction of a loved one’s fingerprint, we’re extremely proud to be known as the market leaders in high quality fingerprint jewellery. Our Fingerprint Jewellery collection was designed to create highly sentimental pieces of jewellery that allow you to carry your loved one's fingerprint on a necklace, bracelet or ring with you wherever you go, even when you have to be apart.

Taking prints for our new "INKED" collection of fingerprint jewellery has never been easier! You simply take your fingerprints at home using an inkpad and paper, provided to you in a kit that we will send shortly after placing your order.

If you already have a piece of our Original FingerPrint Jewellery that was created using putty and want to order jewellery to match, we can of course do this! Please get in touch and we can arrange this for you.