Classic FingerPrint Jewellery

Classic FingerPrint Jewellery

If you are ordering from our original FingerPrint Jewellery collection - we will send you a very simple impression kit as soon as you place your order. Just choose the jewellery you would like to order, fill in the personalisation details in the text boxes provided and complete the payment for your order, and impression kit/s will be sent to you, free of charge, and the return postage is free too (UK customers only). Our fingerprint impression kits are really simple to use, with no mess, or complicated instructions and each takes about two minutes of your time. The putty is totally safe, medical grade, extremely soft to the touch and leaves absolutely no mess or residue. If you are taking children’s print you can even do it when they are asleep! Once the prints are taken, the putty hardens and stabilises so that you can post it back to us!

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