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Personalised sterling silver collar stiffeners, hand crafted with your own actual handwriting.
The ideal personalised gift, whether it be for a loved one, work colleague, father, or another special person in your life.
A truly wonderful way to treasure yours or someone elses handwriting by capturing it forever in silver. Perfect as a memorial collar stiffeners of a loved one's actual handwriting. Whether you have a letter, birthday card, paper note or want to use yours or your child's handwriting, we can use words from almost anything to create a truly unique keepsake.
Each collar stiffener is handmade to order. We don't buy blanks; each one is cut by hand and finished by eye.
Your collar stiffeners are handmade by silversmiths in our quirky little jewellery studio, housed in an Old Victorian Fire Station in Biggleswade, a small market town in Bedfordshire.
After placing your order simply upload, email or post a scan or photocopy of the handwriting you would like to be captured. The writing must be clear and defined so that we can recreate it in silver.

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