Monogram Round Fingerprint Cufflinks


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Product Description

Our handmade silver cufflinks that feature your loved ones' fingerprints.

Each cufflink has space for up to two fingerprints side-by-side (as in the pictures) and we can make cufflinks with one fingerprint. 

As an example, you could have 4 different fingerprints with mum and dad on the left cufflink and son and daughter on the right cufflink.

Or, if you only would like one person's fingerprint on your cufflinks, you could have their fingerprint on each cufflink once or twice side-by-side. 

We can also add a single initial onto the front of each cufflink, which we think works best for a single fingerprint on a cufflink, or if you have two fingerprints an ampersand between the two prints is a nice touch.

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