Sand Cast Silver Torque Bangle


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Visualise this: a flowing stream of molten sterling silver, delicately poured into a custom sand mould to craft a unique, one-of-a-kind torque bangle, exclusively for you. The bangle comes with a matt textured finish, giving it a raw and natural look.

The selective sand we utilise, coupled with our master craftsman techniques, fosters a stunning, organic texture that mirrors your own individuality. This process ensures that no two torque bangles are the same, presenting a true hallmark of your distinctive style.

Whilst we may have one or two sizes ready-made and available from stock, these torque bangles are predominantly crafted to order in our Stamford Workshop. Each one is poured, by hand, into its own unique sand mould, then hand-finished by a true artisan. The result is a marriage of rustic allure with modern elegance, creating a piece that's distinctly you.

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